Friday Finds for Writers

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Each Friday, the Practicing Writing blog shares writing and publishing resources, news, and reflections to peruse over the weekend.

  • Lots of food for thought in “When Authors Behave Badly on Twitter” (Rachel Charlene Lewis’s article was evidently published back in November, but I caught it this week via @JoyLanzendorfer)
  • Twitter can be pretty great for us writer types, too. To wit: I have enjoyed perusing the responses to this query from @RowanHLB: “Hello lovely writers & readers. I’m teaching a class on short story endings and I thought I’d do some extra reading to prepare. Do you have any stories that you think have particularly powerful/satisfying endings? (I have my own faves but it’s always good to stretch the brain.)”
  • Also teaching-related: Assay’s Nonfiction Syllabi Bank (which I also discovered via Twitter!).
  • At the end of her blog post “My Must-Have Digital Media Tools: 2020 Edition,” Jane Friedman offers a reminder about her free “Electric Speed” newsletter, which I’ve been subscribed to for a long time. (I’ll never be as digitally savvy as Jane is, but just reading her posts and newsletters builds my confidence.)
  • And of course, you’ll find a new batch of #JewishLit links over on the My Machberet blog.

Have a great weekend!