Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick things.

1. I accessed my fall semester teaching evaluations this week. I was really pleased to see a continuing thread from my earlier teaching days: students expressing appreciation for the attention to their writing/the sense that their writing had improved over the semester. I’ll likely be offering some version of the same Jewish literature course next year—but, judging from the evaluations, I really need to cut down the reading. It was just too much. (Sob!)

2. Speaking of teaching: a quick reminder that I’m Boston-bound in early March, and I’m slated to teach a seminar at Grub Street on book publicity while I’m there.

Graphic for the upcoming Be Your Own Publicist seminar at Grub Street.

Disappointed that you’re unable to join this seminar? There will be an online version offered later in the month, thanks to Hidden Timber Books!

3. It’s been a good week for me, reading-wise—I’ve finished one novel and read two new poetry collections. I continue to track my reading here on the website and via Goodreads. (A bonus of the latter: I happened to notice a beautiful new review of my own poetry collection when I logged on to write about one of the others!)

Graphic announcing book-publicity seminar at Grub Street, Inc., in Boston.