And Now for Something a Little Different

It’s Thursday, which means that you’re probably expecting a “Jewish Literary Links” post in this space. But it’s also Purim. And since I recently discovered that a Purim piece I published a few years back is no longer online, I’m going to re-publish the piece [slightly amended from its original version for Jewess magazine] right here. And by the way—you can also find the poem within the piece in Birthright: Poems. Chag sameach


Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick updates from my desk.

  1. Many thanks to the team at Valiant Scribe for my contributor e-copy of their new issue, which includes my poem “Fighting Words” (originally published by The Hollins Critic and re-printed in Birthright: Poems; just about a year ago, “Fighting Words” was also a Verse Daily selection). I’ve looking forward to reading this issue, which will be available for purchase this weekend.
  2. Making progress with preparations for my spring-semester course on “Contemporary Jewish Literature”—and deeply appreciating the videos of panels, lectures, and readings that I’m locating, reviewing, and adding into the “hybrid” syllabus for students to access asynchronously.
  3. My home-improvement project continues! Notable since last week’s post: This update is coming from my new desk! Trust me—it’s a step up from the ancient card table I’d been using. (No photos yet—my home office is still cluttered with cartons of books that are waiting patiently for Project Bookshelves, which, at this point, won’t be completed until later in the winter.)