Jewish Literary Links

The words "Jewish Lit Links" are printed over what appears to be a portion of a Torah scroll.

Toward the end of each week, the My Machberet blog presents a collection of links, drawn primarily from the world of Jewish books and writing.

This is an atypical week—perhaps the start of a “new normal”—and yet I’m trying to keep this post as routine as I can.

  • Recently (if incompletely) updated: this resource page of where to read (and publish) fiction/poetry/essays on Jewish themes.
  • New Voices — the only national magazine written by and for Jewish college students — is looking to hire a recent college graduate for the full-time position of editor-in-chief….The position traditionally has been filled by a recent college graduate. The editor-in-chief can work remotely but must be available to commute monthly to our New York City office. The position begins in July, 2020, and ends in July, 2022.”
  • This week brought a terrific Purim-timed piece by Anna Solomon on midrashic writing (I feel as though I’ve been sharing it everywhere, but what’s one more shoutout?).
  • Attention, Jewish lit/studies instructors: As I’ve also mentioned elsewhere, if current events are shifting your teaching to online mode, and you think an “author visit” from me (via phone or video) might be helpful, please be in touch.
  • Yes, we’re encountering cancellations everywhere. But so far, it seems that we can count on the premiere of HBO’s adaptation of Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America, happening Monday, March 16. Who else is looking forward to this?

Shabbat shalom, everyone—and stay safe and healthy.

The words "Jewish Lit Links" are printed over what appears to be a portion of a Torah scroll.