Words of the Week

“We too ask to be seen and heard; we ask for our experiences to be valued; we ask that we be allowed to enter progressive conversations with our whole selves to expand our learning and activism alongside our fellow Bulldogs.

If, after reading this, you’ve learned something new, gained some empathy, will be more thoughtful about the quickness with which you share a post that blames Jews, or if you’re now more curious to understand more about your fellow Jewish students — we say thank you for listening.

If, after reading this, you hear a voice in your head saying, ‘But they do have power…’ or ‘of course they would claim antisemitism…’ or ‘this is another way they’re silencing a marginalized oppressed group…’ then sadly, it’s you who are being complicit in allowing dangerous rhetoric to fester unabated on our campus and in our society.”

Source: Letter to the Editor of The Butler Collegian from students.