Words of the Week: Matti Friedman

“When consuming news from Israel, there’s a list of questions I ask when deciding if I’m getting sane information or a narrative of a different kind. Having thought, written, and spoken about this over the past decade or so, I’ve condensed them to eight. The questions are based on my experience here in Israel and elsewhere around the Middle East over the past 25 years — but they might be of use in thinking about other powerful narratives as well, foreign and domestic.”

Source: Matti Friedman, “Eight Tips for Reading About Israel” (Sapir

4 thoughts on “Words of the Week: Matti Friedman

  1. Barbara Baer says:

    Excellent and informative, thanks for posting.

  2. David Groskind says:

    It’s the first issue of Sapir, “a journal exploring the future of the American Jewish community and its intersection with cultural, social, and political issues.”

  3. This is a terrific, much needed essay, Erika. Thank you for sharing it. I am sharing it with numerous friends. Plus sending it also in print version to some BDS people I know.

  4. Erika Dreifus says:

    Yes, Sapir is a new (limited-series) journal. I’m glad that others are finding this latest piece from Matti Friedman as worthy of sharing/amplifying as I do!

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