Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick updates from my desk.

1. Happy to share that a number of my previously published poems—including several from Birthright—will be “re-upped” over the next several weeks. You can be sure that I’ll be sharing links when they become available.

2. Also coming soon: The August issue of The Practicing Writer 2.0, which I’ll send out on Friday before the Jewish Sabbath (instead of Saturday, the last day of the month—the traditional day for distributing a new issue). Remember to check the July issue for any opportunities you may still wish to pursue.

3. I survived! For the first time in years my prose was workshopped last night. (Some things never get less anxiety-inducing.) Looking forward to reviewing margin comments over the next day or so.

an open spiral notebook with a pen resting on a blank page, plus a text label that reads, "Midweek Notes."