Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick updates from my desk.

  1. Over on the 929 website, they’ve been revisiting Ecclesiastes, and in the process they’ve re-upped a poem of mine that, though previously published, is not included in Birthright. (Let’s just say that if you liked “A Single Woman of Valor,” you’ll probably like “A Single Woman Argues with Ecclesiastes” as well—but it seemed a tad too repetitive to include in the book.)
  2. This week’s rejections include one for my picture-book manuscript AND one for the first short story I’ve sent out in quite awhile. (I had to dust off my “Story Record” document to make note of the latter.) But my skin’s pretty thick, and I haven’t lingered over these responses.
  3. By this time next week, the September issue of The Practicing Writer 2.0 will have gone out to subscribers. It’s never too late to sign up for this FREE resource. Please join us!
an open spiral notebook with a pen resting on a blank page, plus a text label that reads, "Midweek Notes."