Words of the Week: Julie Zuckerman

“Spread some light this Chanukah with the gift of books! There’s something for every type of reader here…The books here are written by members of a group of Jewish women writers I’m privileged to be in. Many of them have appeared at Literary Modiin and others are old and new friends… ! Check these out!”

Collage of book covers along with an image of a Chanukah menorah with candles alight and a message to "Spread Some Light on Chanukah...Give the Gift of Books."

Source: Julie Zuckerman, who oh-so-generously assembled this amazing collage of book covers. (If you’re unfamiliar with Julie or her work, be sure to spend some time on her website.)

Can you find Birthright: Poems within the collage? (Sorry, Quiet Americans—I couldn’t share you both!)

collage of book covers accompanied by an image of a Chanukah menorah and a message to "spread some light on Chanukah...give the gift of books"

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