Words of the Week: Yair Rosenberg

“The best way to counter these individuals is not to call out allies who happen to spell anti-Semitism differently but to educate audiences about what the term really means, and to teach them to rebuff the disingenuous responses it generates. In my own work, I do this by using anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish prejudice, and anti-Jewish bigotry interchangeably throughout my articles—like this one!—implicitly informing my readers that these terms mean the same thing. As the premier news organization on the planet, the Times might publicly commit to covering anti-Semitism around the world, or hire a reporter with that dedicated task. The paper might also renew its contract with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the global Jewish news agency that it dropped in 1937 over fears that its coverage of the Nazi regime was overly biased.”

Source: Yair Rosenberg, “Removing a Hyphen Won’t Stop Anti-Semitism” (Deep Shtetl, Rosenberg’s newsletter for The Atlantic, which I believe is now a subscriber-only benefit)

2 thoughts on “Words of the Week: Yair Rosenberg

  1. Michele j Clark says:

    I like his suggestion for the NYT action. A powerful quote.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      I thought so, too!

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