Words of the Week: Noah Efron

“For all that the Lod attack seems like many lifetimes ago—an epoch when bags filled with guns and grenades could slide down onto the luggage carousel in Israel’s airport, and when wives of ambassadors wept with remorse over the actions of their countrymen, and kings of Jordan and prime ministers of Israel had code names: a different epoch, a different world—at the same time, it was still just yesterday; its imprint has not fully faded. And it came to me—watching Avraham Katzir tell of watching his father killed in front of him and his mother, only shattered glass dividing them—that nothing about today can be understood without somehow taking all of this into account.

Transcribed by me (with faults, I am sure) from the concluding moments of Noah Efron’s remarks on last week’s 50th anniversary of the Lod Airport massacre, in last week’s Promised Podcast episode (Noah’s full remarks run from about the 7:00-minute mark to about 18:40).

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