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an open book (with Hebrew pages visible); subtitle reads "Jewish Literary Links"
Image by Yedidia Klein from Pixabay

  • An August Twitter project for Aviya Kushner: recommending collections of Jewish poetry.
  • From Heidi Rabinowitz/The Book of Life podcast: “Periodically, the question comes up within the Jewish Kidlit Mavens group on Facebook about Jewish publishers of children’s literature. For the convenience of the Jewish kidlit community, here is a list of such publishers.” 
  • “‘The Jews of the South have found their poet laureate,’ Abba Eban, the 20th-century Israeli scholar and diplomat, wrote in praise of [Eli] Evans’ second essay collection, The Lonely Days Were Sundays. Evans had been instrumental in backing Civilization and the Jews, a PBS series about Jews hosted by Eban that was one of the first Jewish initiatives of the Revson Foundation in the 1980s.” From a JTA piece by Philissa Cramer about Eli Evans, who died last week.
  • “What [Rabbi Charlie] Schwartz & [Joshua] Foer hope to bring to this vibrant Jewish community across the Charles River from Boston is something akin to a neighborhood watering hole and community library, with educators on hand to guide people in learning Jewish text.” From Gabby Deutch’s Jewish Insider report on the in-development “Lehrhaus.”
  • Publishing next week: Michael Twitty’s Koshersoul (I’ve already registered for Twitty’s September conversation with Adeena Sussman, hosted online by the Jewish Book Council).

Wishing everyone a Shabbat shalom. (I was going to add something for Tisha B’av, which this year begins Saturday evening, but then I discovered [!] that one is not meant to offer greetings of any sort on this occasion.)

an open book (with Hebrew pages visible); subtitle reads "Jewish Literary Links"

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