Words of the Week: Alvin Rosenfeld and Leslie Lenkowsky

“The first question Mr. Biden’s working group should answer is whether it supports the IHRA definition. With clear guidance about what anti-Semitism means, federal agencies, as well as other jurisdictions and organizations such as colleges and universities, would then know what they should be looking out for. The public would also have a better understanding of how, when and where anti-Semitism is arising.”

Source: Alvin Rosenfeld and Leslie Lenkowsky, “Can the Biden Administration Define Anti-Semitism?” (The Wall Street Journal)

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3 thoughts on “Words of the Week: Alvin Rosenfeld and Leslie Lenkowsky

  1. Good, nice. Will the definition include one form of antisemitism as singling out Israel among all the nations as uniquely deserving of boycott and divestment? I hope so…I’ll check out the article. Thanks for posting.

  2. Michele Clark says:

    Just skimmed the article, it looks like they are looking at anti-Israel bias as part of the definition. Double good.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Yes, the definition the writers are endorsing here does include that.

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