Words of the Week: Vivian Bercovici

“How do we ‘tally’ or assess what is retaliatory or ‘proportional’, as the international community is always quick to remind Israel. Western media is quick to denounce Israel reflexively, no matter how many hundreds of rockets are aimed at the country’s civilians. Israel is ‘blamed’ and faulted for suffering fewer civilian casualties than Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. And the media seems oblivious to the reasons for this asymmetry; that Israel invests in defense capabilities – like the Iron Dome. Civilian shelters are also a priority. PIJ and Hamas, on the other hand, embed weapons caches in civilian areas quite intentionally, counting on the Israeli avoidance of collateral damage.”

Source: Vivian Bercovici, The State of Tel Aviv (the link will take you to the latest newsletter issue, from which I’ve excerpted the quote above; Bercovici also offers an accompanying podcast)

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4 thoughts on “Words of the Week: Vivian Bercovici

  1. Michele Clark says:

    Yes. Pithily said.

    1. Thx Michele. And Erika, of course. But darn……I see three edits I wish I’d caught!

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        It happens to all of us!

    2. Erika Dreifus says:

      So much quotable content there!

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