Words of the Week: Matti Friedman

After a night of tension and aerial booms here in Jerusalem—including family time spent in the safe room as the air-raid siren blared in the street and the Iron Dome worked overhead—the direct consequences of the unprecedented Iranian attack on Israel aren’t clear yet. But like a flash going off in a dark room, the attack has finally given the world something valuable: a glimpse of the real war in the Middle East. 

For the past six months, since the Hamas massacres of October 7, the ideological forces arrayed against Israel have done their best to make this seem like a war in which there are two sides, and that these sides are Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians. This information campaign is as critical to Israel’s enemies as the physical war, because it erodes the Western support that Israel needs to win and survive. Its successful execution has turned a jihadi war against the Jewish minority enclave in the Middle East into a story about Jewish oppression and even ‘genocide’ of Palestinians, a story that has become the focus of the increasingly deranged discourse in the liberal West.

For more about the (unexpectedly?) clarifying effects of Iran’s attack on Israel this weekend, read Matti Friedman, “The Real War in the Middle East Comes into Focus” (The Free Press).

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  1. Michele j Clark says:

    Yes. Weirdly a small relief to see ‘the real war’ come into focus. I like that use of the word “deranged.” Very apt.

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