Moment Magazine Introduces "Talk of the Table"

I can think of at least one of this blog’s regular readers who will be very happy to hear this news from Moment Magazine: “Moment Magazine introduces Talk of the Table, a lively and intelligent look at Jewish food. In our inaugural section, we explore why charoset—the traditional blend of fruits, nuts and spices—landed on the Seder plate and how coffee giant Maxwell House got into the Haggadah business.” Intrigued? Click here to read more.

Source of Comfort: Avinu Malkeinu

Lately, I’ve been seeking comfort by finding and listening to Hebrew prayers/music on the Internet. From time to time, I’ll share some of my discoveries here. Today’s offering: Barbra Streisand’s rendition of the Avinu Malkeinu (“Our Father, Our King”), which is chanted during our High Holy Days. And for an alternate melody, but one that’s equally familiar to me, listen to this clip from a cantorial concert.

You’ll hear all Hebrew; I am looking for a complete translation online (something resembling what I’m used to seeing in the Gates of Repentance) prayerbook, but have not yet found one. Meantime, here’s the best I can do.


It’s been a rough couple of days, for reasons I may explain another time, but I was cheered enormously this morning by a report from my sister about her daughter (my five-year-old niece), who is clearly receiving an excellent religious upbringing.

Unlike her younger brother (not to mention her Aunt Erika!), little R doesn’t fall asleep very easily, and often chats with her various stuffed animals before drifting off. Last night, as my sister paused outside my niece’s bedroom door, she heard R holding the following discussion with “Bunny” and peers:

“So when there are 3 stars in the sky on Saturday night, then Shabbat is over. But what, do you ask, happens when you can’t see any stars at all? Then Shabbat would last forever….Hmmm. That really makes no sense.”

I think we have a Talmudist on our hands.