Words of the Week: Heidi Rabinowitz

“And if you happen to be a journalist who is listening to our conversation right now, we hope that you will cover these [books] in the media, because we would love to see these [books] end up on the seasonal lists that are always being published in newspapers, on blogs. If you’re looking to do a roundup of holiday books, we hope you’ll rely on these lists.”

Source: Heidi Rabinowitz, “Holiday Highlights: The Best New Passover Books,” an episode of The Book of Life podcast also featuring Susan Kusel. (A transcript is available.)

And Now for Something a Little Different

It’s Thursday, which means that you’re probably expecting a “Jewish Literary Links” post in this space. But it’s also Purim. And since I recently discovered that a Purim piece I published a few years back is no longer online, I’m going to re-publish the piece [slightly amended from its original version for Jewess magazine] right here. And by the way—you can also find the poem within the piece in Birthright: Poems. Chag sameach