Notable Items in the New Moment Magazine

I received the latest issue of Moment magazine a few days ago. There’s a lot worth noting:

1) An article in which “three Israeli authors [A.B. Yehoshua, Naomi Ragen, and Etgar Keret] “shed the guise of fiction to tell us about their favorite places in the country they love.”

2) A compilation of “the best of Israeli blogs.” (This should keep me busy for awhile.)

3) Commentary on “Jews of Questionable Taste,” those who “exploit their identity to enhance the impact of their anti-Jewish speech and action.”

4) An important “Editor’s Column,” on a “media frenzy” I’d completely missed. (I guess I haven’t been sufficiently attentive to the magazine’s blog.)

5) A poem by Frederick Pollack.

And there’s much more.