Giveaway Update

Today, we’re one month away from the official pub date for Quiet Americans, and we’ve also reached the conclusion of our first giveaways.

On Goodreads, a remarkable 888 readers entered our giveaway. I’m so grateful for and humbled by this extraordinary interest, and I wish that I could send copies to everyone. Goodreads has informed me of the names and addresses of the three lucky winners. Their copies will go out in the mail tomorrow.

On Facebook, another two winners were selected at random from those who “like” our page. I’ve already heard from one of them, and if I hear from the other winner today, both of those copies will also go out tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Please stay tuned: 2011 may well bring more giveaway opportunities. To be sure you don’t miss any that are offered via the Facebook fan page, please join Quiet Americans (and me) there.