The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • This was my latest #StorySunday contribution, but if you didn’t catch it then, read it now: “8:46,” a 9/11 story by Philip Graham.
  • On a related note: D.G. Myers has posted an extensive annotated list of 9/11 novels.
  • Fabulous piece by poet Philip Schultz in Sunday’s New York Times: “Words Failed Me, Then Saved Me.” If you’re a writer who has struggled with a learning disability, or you’ve ever loved anyone who has battled a learning disability, you simply must read this.
  • Smart suggestions from Midge Raymond on “Facebook for Authors.”
  • Monday marked not only Labor Day, but also the 39th anniversary of the terrorist attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Read my thoughts–and an excerpt from my story, “Homecomings,” on my “other” blog, My Machberet.
  • I always enjoy David Abrams’s “Front Porch” posts and David’s take on upcoming books. Here’s the latest one.
  • Gorgeous blog post from Susan Woodring (“The Habitual Writer”) on “When the Copyedits Arrive.”
  • The latest issue of The Short Review has gone live. This month I’m even more enthusiastic about it than usual. Guess why.