The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Fascinating essay by Jennifer Solheim on “polyphony and its translation” in Nathacha Appanah’s The Last Brother. (See my much less ambitious but equally enthusiastic take on The Last Brother here.)
  • Stuart Nadler reflects on the stories that did not make it into his collection, The Book of Life.
  • Another excellent writing prompt from Midge Raymond.
  • And there’s an intriguing exercise embedded within this Q&A between Deborah Treisman and David Long, too. (Long is the author of this week’s short story in The New Yorker.)
  • A routine visit to the Wordamour blog brought not only a new post to read but also a surprise gift: a lovely microreview of Quiet Americans!
  • Need some humor in your day? Check out this book trailer, featuring Julie Klam and Timothy Hutton.