The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Literary translator Peter Constantine describes his current work: translating early Chekhov stories.
  • Five “quick and dirty” submission tips from a lit-mag editor.
  • Lots of writers I know love The Sun, so I suspect that many of you will appreciate this interview with the magazine’s managing editor, Tim McKee. (via Leslie Pietrzyk)
  • Counsel on clips from freelancing expert Linda Formichelli.
  • I’ll be investigating this “Ultimate List of Twitter Tools.” (via @davidbcrowley)
  • And I’m bookmarking these “simple writing exercises” from Brian Klems.
  • Earlier this week I blogged about “My Year in Jewish Books” on my other blog (My Machberet, which focuses on matters of Jewish literary and cultural interest). Stay tuned for a “meta-post” in which I reflect on that post’s revelations.