Words of the Week: President Barack Obama

In fact, I am proud to say that no U.S. administration has done more in support of Israel’s security than ours. None. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. It is a fact.

Source: President Barack Obama’s keynote address before the Union for Reform Judaism’s Biennial.
Read the text online, or (even better), watch the President give one of his best speeches ever. (IMHO, as the kids say.)

It didn’t hurt that he wished the group a “Shabbat Shalom”; mentioned that “NFTY, I understand, is in the house”; shared his fatherly concerns over the skirts and curfews involved when his daughter Malia attends Bar and Bat Mitzvah events these days; credited the Reform movement for its essential, foundational work on civil rights; and gave a D’var Torah worthy of a pulpit rabbi.

But in the end, he needed to convince his readers that he supports Israel.

He convinced me.