The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • There’s a lot to absorb in this Fiction Writers Review interview with Joan Leegant. Stick with it to the end–especially if you’re one of us writers who didn’t have a first book published in our twenties (or thirties).
  • Daniel Nester asks, “What are the ‘rules’ of a creative writing workshop?”
  • On a related note, Lily Hoang presents the syllabus for the first MFA workshop (fiction) that she’s teaching.
  • And while we’re still talking about pedagogy: Congratulations to Stephanie Vanderslice, whose book Rethinking Creative Writing is now available in hard copy as well as in e-book version. (Stephanie is running a contest to mark this milestone: check her blog for details, and revisit our interview here.)
  • There are some real gems in this issue of Nieman Reports, “Writing the Book.” Given the source, the material will appeal especially to nonfiction writers, but there’s likely something useful for all practicing writers in these virtual pages. Sections include:”Concept to Content,” “Platform to Audience,” and “Voice to Visual.”
  • It’s the last day for you to become eligible to win a free copy of Quiet Americans!