The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

My great-grandparents, H. & K. Dreifus, the inspirations behind Karoline & Jacob Freiburg in "Matrilineal Descent." Photo © The Dreifus Family.
  • One of the reasons I love this week’s writing prompt from Midge Raymond (“Family History”) is that it essentially explains how I started writing “Matrilineal Descent,” a story that was published in TriQuarterly before it was gathered in my collection, Quiet Americans.
  • Embarrassing word-usage gaffes in The New York Times, courtesy of the newspaper itself.
  • It’s almost time for Short Story Month. Which means that there will be another Collection Giveaway Project coordinated by Fiction Writers Review.
  • Adam Mansbach’s sharp-and-funny take on book blurbs was making the rounds last week. But it’s not too late to laugh (or cringe).
  • And also for fun: Some “accidental photography” sited in New York’s beautiful Central Park, courtesy of my very own sister. (If only my purposeful photos turned out half as well as her accidental ones!) You can also find her photos on Etsy.