The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • I’m thrilled for my friends at J Journal: New Writing on Justice, because a story by Paul Stapleton (“The Fall of Punicea”), published in the spring 2011 issue, has won a Pushcart Prize! This is the journal’s first Pushcart Prize. An excerpt from the winning story is available on the J Journal website.
  • If you don’t follow my other blog, you may not have seen the link to the Moment magazine online “symposium” dealing with the question “Is There Such a Thing as Jewish Fiction?”.
  • Thanks to @realdelia I’ve discovered Kommein, a new site that looks pretty useful. Here’s the post that has drawn me in: “10 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Brand’s Facebook Page.”
  • Maurice Sendak has passed away.
  • The Quivering Pen is condensing Short Story Month to Short Story Week. Don’t miss the fun!
  • Don’t forget the two book giveaways we’re running right now!