Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress: New Quiet Americans Giveaway (and the Reasons for It)

Last year, I became a member of a Facebook discussion group run by Generations of the Shoah International (GSI). The group (which is “closed,” but open to membership requests submitted to the moderator) discusses specific books and films that are Holocaust-related. And we’ve had some great guests.

For instance, in December, our guests were documentarian Jean Bodon and Antoine Malamoud, discussing the film Léon Blum: For All Mankind. (Malamoud is Blum’s great-grandson.) This week, I’ve written about the film, and the book it inspired me to read, over on my other blog, My Machberet (where I focus on matters of specifically Jewish literary and cultural interest).

I’m proud to announce that in March, I will be the group’s special guest. All month, I’ll be engaging in online conversation about Quiet Americans. To mark this occasion–and mindful that we will be commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day a few days from now, on January 27–I’m offering two additional copies of the paperback version of Quiet Americans. Please go on over to Goodreads to enter. The giveaway will close on February 8, allowing plenty of time for reading ahead of the March discussions.