Words of the Week

“I recognize high-quality, handcrafted Jew-hatred when I see it, and the far-right, which has lately been gaining attention for supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president (and for trolling Jews such as yours truly), is so over-the-top obvious in its deployment of anti-Semitic memes; so uncreative in the manufacturing of Judeophobic tropes (call this the banality of oven jokes); so bad at Photoshop; and so awful at spelling, that I find them as pathetic as I find them offensive.”

Source: Jeffrey Goldberg, “A Brief Introduction to Pro-Holocaust Twitter” (TheAtlantic.om)

One thought on “Words of the Week

  1. diana rosen says:

    all well and good that you and so many others can see thru these offensive tweets and trollers’ remarks. what i worry about is the appeal and acceptance of these remarks to nonJews who are unaware, uneducated, or maybe even uninterested in whether there is any truth to these posts.

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