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Sulak_GidaliFrom My Bookshelf

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending a celebration in honor of Marcela Sulak and her new translation, Twenty Girls to Envy Me: Selected Poems of Orit Gidali (University of Texas Press). Sulak is another writer I’ve become acquainted with online. She is the author of three collections of poetry and three earlier book-length translations. She directs the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Bar Ilan University, where she is an associate professor of English. She also hosts the weekly “Israel in Translation” podcast on TLV1 FM, which you’ll see listed on the My Machberet blogroll.

The evening gathering in New York was absolutely lovely. And I was able to purchase a copy of the new book, which I greedily read this weekend. Find out more over on my other blog.

A Nice Discovery

So a few days ago I happened to notice that the cover art for Third-Generation Holocaust Narratives: Memory in Memoir and Fiction is now available. As you may recall, I am a contributor to this volume. (In fact, my essay appears as the first chapter.)


I think that they’ve come up with a perfect, beautiful cover for this book. Don’t you?

My Jewish Year cover_border_
Day-Job Dispatch

Meantime, over at the day job, we’re busy preparing Abigail Pogrebin’s My Jewish Year: 18 Holidays, One Wondering Jew for March 2017 publication. Over the past few days we’ve received the book’s first “blurb,” and we’re really excited about it. You can find the eminent Jonathan Sarna’s take over on the Fig Tree Books website.

Which reminds me: It’s looking as though next week will bring new issues of both the newsletters that I work on. Please make sure that you’re subscribed to each! Thanks so much.

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