Monday Markets and Jobs for Writers

Monday brings the weekly batch of no-fee, paying competitions, contests, and calls for submissions—plus jobs for those of us who write (especially those of us who write fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction).

  • Deadline extended (to December 15) for The Golden Key‘s “Revolutionary Things” issue: “The past year has thrown into sharp relief the surreal terrain of our contemporary landscape, and here at The Golden Key, we have watched this rising social and political upheaval with a contradictory, heart-rending mixture of despair and awe. While the world is facing unconscionable violence and pervasive attacks on human rights, there has been an extraordinary response to these systematic injustices and abuses of power. People have taken to the streets in defense of the rights of women and immigrants, to protest political corruption, to reject white supremacy. And even in the midst of our rage and grief and heartbreak, there has been such beautiful strangeness and joy. More than anything, this past year has shown us we must create radical change, through our words and through our deeds. With this in mind, The Golden Key has decided to devote our upcoming issue to the theme of revolutionary things. We’re looking for stories and poems that subvert, that upend the old order, that wheel and circle, that present novel modes of belief or being….Some might explore revolution in the form of an allegorical story, as in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Others might prefer to imagine the fantastical experiences of individual people in revolutionary times, as in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. You might think of Marsha P. Johnson and Stormé DeLarverie at Stonewall, or Isaac Newton under the apple tree. Whether it’s the mass levitation of the Pentagon or the Ghost Dance of water protectors at Standing Rock, we want you to show us wondrous and revelatory moments of change. Please note, we are not interested in works that serve solely to espouse political positions. We are first and foremost a journal of speculative literature, and we are interested in fiction and poetry that explores the experience of revolution in its many definitions through a fantastical tense, or using experimental tools. We tend to prefer stories about people to stories of ideas. This is not a forum for propaganda.” Pays: “Pay: The Golden Key currently pays all contributors a flat fee of $10.”
  • “Smoking Pen Press is issuing a Call for Submissions for a short story anthology. This will be the next title in the Read on the Run series (See A Step Outside of Normal, A Bit of a Twist, and Uncommon Pet Tales). The tentative title of this new anthology is A Wink and a Smile, and the theme is Romance. The stories can be contemporary, regency, futuristic, paranormal, historical, fantasy, humor. Just about any type of romance will do (but please, no erotica). Multiple submissions accepted. Simultaneous submissions accepted but please let us know if your submission is accepted elsewhere. Reprints accepted as long as all rights have reverted to you.” Pays: “US and Canada authors of stories that are selected will receive their choice of a one-time payment of $25 USD, or 2 complimentary copies of the paperback (non US/Canada authors will receive their choice of a one-time payment of $25 USD, or 1 complimentary copy of the paperback).” Deadline: January 1, 2018.
  • FYI: Trish Hopkinson has assembled a list of paying/no fee litmags that have deadlines from December 15 to January 15. (You’ve seen a number of these venues mentioned already on this blog and/or in the monthly newsletter). Worth a look.
  • “The M Residency allows writers with an interest in China to deepen their understanding of this vital and fascinating place. Established in 2009 and fully funded by the M Restaurant Group, the residency has its roots in M’s Shanghai and Beijing Literary Festivals, and aims to foster artistic, cultural and intellectual links between individuals and communities. From 2009 to 2016 the residency included one resident in Shanghai and one in India. In 2017, the residency included one resident based in Shanghai and one in Beijing. Starting in 2018, there will be one resident in Shanghai, China. The M Literary Residency Programme is fully funded by the M Restaurant Group. The intent of the Residency is to provide space and time primarily for writing and location-specific research. It is not to be used as a base for travel for research or leisure.” There is no application fee. Deadline: January 1, 2018.
  • “The NPR Kroc Fellowship identifies and develops a new generation of extraordinary public radio journalists. Over the course of a year, the three Kroc Fellows get rigorous, hands-on training in every aspect of public radio journalism, both on-air and online, including writing, reporting, producing and editing…. The Fellowship begins in August and lasts one year. Fellows receive a stipend of more than $40,000 and benefits, including paid vacation.” NB: “Candidates should be close to completing a undergraduate or graduate degree, or have earned a degree no more than one year prior to December 31.” No application fee. Deadline: December 31, 2017.
  • Part-time position for a Social Media Assistant at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York: “The Office of Communications and Marketing is seeking an experienced, enthusiastic, and social media savvy professional who will work with our team to help tell the story of The Graduate Center, notably its excellence in scholarship and teaching and its broad public impact. The Social Media Assistant will have an opportunity to work in the heart of Manhattan and join colleagues who love all things social.”
  • Two jobs in New York with the Books Desk of The New York Times: Special Projects Editor and Senior Editor.
  • Job in San Francisco: “The Nature Conservancy is looking for an experienced writer to join the Donor Communications Team in our California Chapter.”
  • Job in Philadelphia: “Next City is seeking a dynamic and experienced professional to oversee the journalism produced by the organization, including online daily and weekly newsletters, ebooks, and other information published online and on other platforms, as well as engage with staff in projects and events that further the mission of the organization. As an independent and nonpartisan nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire social, economic and environmental change in cities through journalism and events around the world, we publish award-winning longform features and daily online coverage of the leaders, policies and innovations driving progress in metropolitan regions across the world.”
  • “The Writing Program of Columbia University School of the Arts [New York] seeks to fill a tenure-track position of Assistant Professor of Writing in the field of fiction to begin fall 2018. The Program offers the MFA in Writing and an undergraduate major in Creative Writing.”
  • “The English Department at the University of Illinois Springfield invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in English, emphasis Creative Writing (poetry), starting August 16, 2018.”
  • Cameron University [Oklahoma] is looking for an Assistant Professor, English: “Primary specialization in Creative Writing–Fiction, also able to teach a variety of literature and first-year composition courses. 4/4 teaching load; 2-3 sections of Composition and Creative Writing/Literature courses to meet department and university needs.”
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    1. Susan Sanders says:

      Hi Erika,

      I sent poems to 6 places in the last six weeks and look forward to your weekly list of places to send work and possible positions to teach writing!

      Your dedication to helping others on their path to publications is much appreciated. I will keep you posted about any upcoming publications!

      In gratitude,


      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Please do keep me posted, Susan!

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