Pre-Shabbat Jewish Literary Links

Image description: pages of Hebrew text.

Every Friday My Machberet presents an array of Jewish-interest links, primarily of the literary variety.

  • Great piece by Aviya Kushner on the treasure trove that is the Israel National Library.
  • Some excellent background on one of this season’s most significant new books: Yossi Klein Halevi’s Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor.
  • Continuing this weekend in Montreal: “The 20th-annual Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival offers a smorgasbord of events that are of particular Jewish interest, including appearances by American authors Daniel Mendelsohn and Adam Gopnik, as well as Jewish and Arab-Israeli writers, and an entire session devoted to Jerusalem.”
  • The deadline is approaching (May 6) for the next cohort of fellows at LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Art and Culture. The 2018-19 theme will be “Life and Death.” Details/application info here.
  • And if you’re so inclined—please join me in backing my friend No’a L. bat Miri’s project of chapbooks of new Jewish environmental literature.
  • Shabbat shalom!