Pre-Shabbat Jewish Literary Links

On what appears to be a segment of an open Torah scroll, the words “Jewish Lit Links” appear.

Every Friday My Machberet presents an array of Jewish-interest links, primarily of the literary variety.

  • Salman Rushdie’s first byline for the Forward: an essay on Philip Roth’s legacy, originally delivered late last month as the Newark Public Library’s Third Annual Philip Roth Lecture. (See also Talya Zax’s accompanying Q&A with Rushdie.)
  • The Jewish Review of Books receives 40–50 books each week. On their website, they’ve just spotlighted a number of new titles that are publishing this month.
  • Speaking of new titles: For Jewish Journal, Jonathan Kirsch has written a must-read review of a sobering new volume, Anti-Zionism on Campus: The University, Free Speech and BDS, edited by Andrew Pessin and Doron S. Ben-Atar.
  • Reminder: If you routinely write about Jewish books (news/reviews/author interviews) for a blog or other online resource, check out the Jewish Book Carnival—and consider participating in the October edition (which will be hosted right here on the My Machberet blog mid-month).
  • And ICYMI: NPR is looking for potential “Hanukkah Lights” stories (fiction or essays).
  • Shabbat shalom!