Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick items.

1. Having spent large chunks of the past two weekends immersed in #KidLit conferences, I was looking forward to focusing on, you know, MY MANUSCRIPT during the weekend that’s coming up. Lo and behold, I’ve been tempted to go conferencing again—or at least, to attend these two sessions focused on kidlit that are taking place as part of Limmud Toronto.

2. As per usual, I’ve been receiving multiple requests for writing and/or publishing advice nearly every day. (Reminder: I can’t provide detailed guidance to everyone who contacts me, although if I think that I might be able to assist with a specific question or project, I do offer literary consulting services for a fee.) Two days ago, I had reason to point one correspondent to an archival piece of mine. I took a few moments to reread the piece, “13 Questions to Ask Before Submitting to a Literary Journal,” which appeared on the Literary Hub site back in 2016. It’s (still) good, if I say so myself!

3. This time last week, I was telling you about the National Jewish Book Awards ceremony. Unfortunately, I was laboring under the misapprehension that you needed to have purchased a ticket to “attend” the virtual event. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case! But don’t worry—if you missed it, you can catch the recording below.

Recording of the 69th National Jewish Book Awards
Illustrative screenshot of an article mentioned within the post.

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  1. Erika Dreifus says:

    Also! I’ve just realized that between my Limmud Toronto sessions I can catch a *third* kidlit event via Temple Sinai of DC: https://templesinaidc.org/event/tswrj-chanukah-childrens-book-event/.

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