Jewish Literary Links

an open book (with Hebrew pages visible); subtitle reads "Jewish Literary Links"
Image by Yedidia Klein from Pixabay

  • Sunday fun-day! Two (alas, overlapping) online events on my calendar this Sunday: a session from the Association of Jewish Libraries on “recommended recent Jewish children’s books” and the August installment of the Literary Modiin series.
  • PROTOCOLS invites writerly, artistic, and archival submissions for Issue #10: TEMPLE.” Paying opportunity as detailed in the general guidelines. Deadline: September 13.
  • I’ve read some beautiful essays this week, including Lev Raphael’s “My Mother’s Secret Memoirs” (Tablet); Judith Teich’s “A Jewish Heart Divided” (Moment); and Dr. Tamara MC’s “I Will Always Be Muslim and Jewish” (Alma).
  • I’ve also begun reading Iddo Geffen’s short-story collection Jerusalem Beach (translated by Daniella Zamir). I’ve already made it past the title story, so I was particularly intrigued to read this story-related piece over on the Jewish Book Council’s site.
  • And icymi over on my other blog: Over on the 929 website, they’ve been revisiting Ecclesiastes, and in the process they’ve re-upped a poem of mine that, though previously published, is not included in Birthright. (Let’s just say that if you liked “A Single Woman of Valor,” you’ll probably like “A Single Woman Argues with Ecclesiastes” as well—but it seemed a tad too repetitive to include in the book.)

Shabbat shalom.

an open book (with Hebrew pages visible); subtitle reads "Jewish Literary Links"