Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick updates from my desk.

  1. I took part in this week’s #DVpit event on Twitter, “for un-agented, self-identifying historically marginalized authors & illustrators,” and pitched my kidlit project. Many thanks to all the friends and colleagues who boosted the pitch. To date, I’ve caught one agent’s indication of interest, and the ms has been dutifully (and hopefully) emailed. Now, I wait.
  2. Yesterday I spent a wonderful hour on Zoom listening to mother-daughter authors Hilma Wolitzer and Meg Wolitzer in conversation. I don’t see the recording online yet, but if/when a recording becomes available, I suspect that you’ll find it here.
  3. And if it’s the end of the month (and, yes, it is), I’m of course proofreading the soon-to-be-distributed next issue of The Practicing Writer 2.0. If you’re not yet a subscriber, join us!

an open spiral notebook with a pen resting on a blank page, plus a text label that reads, "Midweek Notes."