Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

From My Archive: The U.S. Office of Government Ethics

Some of you have been hearing quite a bit lately about an executive-branch government agency called the U.S Office of Government Ethics (OGE). Here’s a fun fact that you might yet know: Once upon a time, I worked there.

Moreover, back when I was testing the freelancing waters for the first time in the 1990s, I wrote an article about my former workplace. (And I sold it to a local paper for college students.)

Since OGE is in the news anew, I thought that it might be worth digging up that old article from my archive. (more…)

Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Quiet Americans Is Required Reading!

There’s something so special about knowing that my work moves educators enough to share it with their students. So an email that I received on Monday—conveyed via my publisher and requesting a desk copy of Quiet Americans—was a wonderful surprise.

This time, students in a class on “Literature of American Minorities” offered within a Michigan university are the ones who are being asked to read the stories. It means so very much to me to know that the book is being included on the syllabus. (And yes, I’ve asked to see the full syllabus so I can see the other books included there. I’m always learning, too!) (more…)

Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three Poems in a New Anthology

I haven’t yet received my copy of the book*, but I have three poems in this exciting new anthology, Theories of HER, which was published yesterday. Edited by Candace Habte, the book is described as a “timely collection of poetry, essay, literature and art, to pull back the curtain on what it truly means to be a woman- beyond stereotypes and labels.” (And when I last checked, you could find one of my poems, “Vocabulary Lesson, 1977,” included in the free sample that’s offered, so that’s also pretty exciting. For me, at least!)

I should add that Candace has been an absolute pleasure to work with. (It doesn’t hurt that she heaped praise on the “Vocabulary Lesson” poem right from the start!)

*Update on Wednesday morning: just received my free e-book! And the book is free for the next couple of days via Amazon Kindle, too. (more…)

Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

‘Tis Tally Time!

A new batch of updates has been posted over on the Poetry Has Value site. Go ahead and read the contributing bloggers’ updates on submissions—and more—from each poet’s practice. (As always, I recommend that you read all of the posts, but if you’re especially eager to read mine, you’ll find it right here.

The Gang’s All Back

My Jewish-text-study-and-writing-group reunited last evening after too many weeks in which holiday observances, travel schedules, and life got in the way of our gatherings. I am so glad that we have reconvened. I missed everyone–and I missed the inspiration of our work together. (I drafted a new poem last night that I’m excited to keep working on–and it has been too long since I was able to say that!)

Newsletter Alerts

And it’s that time again. Time for me to remind you about some new newsletter issues. The latest edition of The Practicing Writer went out to subscribers this morning. And the Fig Tree Books newsletter was distributed yesterday. (It happens to include a number of suggestions for ways to celebrate Jewish Book Month, which we’re in right now.)

I’m always glad to see new subscribers, for either/both of the newsletters that I work on. (Hint, hint!)