Hebrew Podcasts

Last week I saw an announcement on H-Net about a new online resource for learning Hebrew: Hebrew Podcasts. “The audio lessons are designed for all ages and consist of a Hebrew dialog with English narration explaining the dialog and the grammar that it is using. The lessons teach contemporary, Israeli, spoken Hebrew. Students listen to these audio podcasts on a portable mp3 player or on their computer.”

The good news is that the podcast audio lessons are free. Lesson guides to enrich the lesson come with site membership (for which there’s a fee).

I’ve listened to one podcast so far, and I’m tempted to return for more. And yes, I’m tempted to buy a membership.

Creative Writing in Israel (Update)

Back in October I wrote a post about (and seeking more information concerning) creative writing programs in Israel. More recently I met an Israel-based writer and translator who teaches at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and she directed me to the Creative Writing Study Unit offered there. According to the Web site, “The study unit is designed for students holding a B.A. degree in English or Creative Writing who wish to develop their abilities in creative writing and/or literary translation.” It’s not quite what I’m looking for for my own purposes–but may interest some of you reading this. If so, visit the site to learn more. You can also contact Lisa Katz (lisakatz(at)mscc(dot)huji(dot)ac(dot)il).

Spotlight on Ms. Magazine

Not long ago, I wrote here about an issue that I have had to grapple with more and more in recent times: the conflict between my liberal-leaning background and the anti-Israel tendencies of too many people who claim the label of “liberal.”

So I can’t say that I’m as surprised as some people–feminists who are also pro-Israel–seem to be by Ms. magazine’s blatantly anti-Israel behavior (and its lame attempt at damage control). If I were a Ms. subscriber, I’d cancel my subscription right now. And you can bet that I’m regretting the fact that once upon a time I paid a fee for the privilege of having my fiction considered for a contest it ran.

On the other hand, as a gesture of support for Lilith editor Susan Weidman Schneider’s role in speaking out against the decision made by Ms., today I renewed my subscription to her magazine.

Notes from Around the Web

This week PBS debuts a new series on “The Jewish Americans.” Look for more information on the series Web site.
I’m grateful to Gershom Gorenberg and Hadassah magazine for introducing me to Israeli poet Haim Gouri, in a profile published in the January 2008 issue.
Last month AJC Executive Director spoke in Berlin about “The U.S.-Israel Relationship: Fact and Fiction.” We can now read the text of his speech online.