Words of the Week: Yaacov Katz

“The truth is that the news media do have a problem in much of their reporting on Israel and Diaspora Jewry. It might help further their understanding if it weren’t called an ‘antisemitism problem’ — a loaded term that does more to insult than educate — and were described instead as an ignorance problem.

This essay is intended to address that ignorance.”

Source: Yaacov Katz, “Mainstream Media: Not Antisemitic but Blind to Jewish Concerns” (Sapir)

Words of the Week: ChatGPT Returns

As you may recall, a couple of weeks ago I shared with you the result of a little experiment: ChatGPT’s response when prompted to design a syllabus for a course titled “Contemporary Jewish Short Stories,” which is, in fact, the title of a course that I am scheduled to begin teaching at the end of August.

Since comments on that post continue to come in (some of them on the post’s page, some on Twitter, and some privately), I thought that there might be interest in the results of a second experiment—when I asked ChatGPT for a list of recommended readings for a course on contemporary Jewish short stories. (Readings, alas, were not included on ChatGPT’s “original” syllabus.)

Below you’ll find what ChatGPT came up with.