Notes from Around the Web: Jewish Literary Links for Shabbat

Just a few literary links to share with you:

  • Publishers Weekly provides an overview of the Jerusalem International Book Fair. (See also my Monday post.)
  • Sweet essay on Tablet about one American student’s experience studying in Israel at the same time as Natalie Portman.
  • Speaking of Tablet, look who’s talking about Quiet Americans this week!
  • From The Jewish Week: A fascinating article by Miriam Intrator on the postwar fate of “Europe’s salvaged Jewish libraries.” And an equally superb piece by Paul Zakrzewski examines the current state of Jewish memoirs.
  • Next week will be a challenging one for our friend, Jewish Muse. Here’s why.
  • The next Jewish Book Council Twitter Book Club, featuring author Andrew Winer and his novel, The Marriage Artist, is scheduled for Wednesday, March 2. Details here.

Shabbat shalom!