The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

So many goodies to share with you today, my friends!

  • First, remember that cool Poetry Dress I told you about last week? Check out the final product.
  • I didn’t anticipate this particular benefit of following Ruth Franklin on Twitter, but on Monday, Ms. Franklin provided a live-tweet account of James Frey’s return to Oprah. On behalf of those of us who work away from home M-F, 9-5, I thank her. (See also the Brevity blog’s pithy summary of the appearance.)
  • Looking for some writing prompts? I like this discovery from Celeste Ng over on Fiction Writers Review and the newest suggestions from Midge Raymond.
  • From the freelancing world: Kelly James-Enger shares eight ways to make more money as a freelancer, and Carol Tice presents a quiz to help you discern your potential for freelance success.
  • The New York Times Book Review caught my attention last weekend with this display of book covers that were rejected (in other words, we’ve seen the books, but haven’t seen these proposed covers until now).
  • Yes, you still have time to enter a slew of superb short-story collection giveaways coordinated by Fiction Writers Review. See the full list of participating blogs and titles here. And don’t forget that by leaving an appropriate comment right here on Practicing Writing, you’ll be eligible to win a copy of Midge Raymond’s just re-released Forgetting English or a copy of my own book, Quiet Americans.