Thursday’s Work-in-Progress: Anniversary Announcements

One year ago today, Quiet Americans made its official debut.

(And 71 years ago today, my paternal grandparents–the major inspiration behind the collection–married in New York.)

I can’t say enough “thank-yous” to acknowledge sufficiently all of you who have helped make this past year so special.

But I can announce the winners of our Anniversary Giveaway!

(Drum roll, please!)

Congratulations to Twitter followers:

  • Sandra Beckwith (@sandrabeckwith)
  • Hope Clark (@hopeclark)
  • Kari Nguyen (@knguyenwrites)
  • and, from among the Facebook fans, congratulations to:

  • Christi Craig
  • (As you may recall, I was originally going to award a total of three books. But when I sat down with the handy Random Number Generator last night, I made an unfortunate discovery about the Facebook page:  Facebook’s changes seem to have removed my ability to see a full list of followers by name. So I realized that, a) the pool of “contestants” there had been narrowed to those who have actually commented on the page wall, and b) I should add one more giveaway copy in an attempt to make up, in some small way, for “misleading” people who had become “fans” simply to become eligible for the giveaway. I apologize profusely for this mix-up. I sincerely did not intend to “lure” anyone to the Facebook page under false pretenses.)

    Sandra, Hope, Kari, and Christi: Please contact me with your choice of print or Kindle copy (remember, you can read the Kindle version even if you don’t own a Kindle device). Please supply the contact information–mailing address or preferred email address–that I’ll need to get your prize to you. And thanks to everyone who joined in the giveaway excitement by following me on Twitter and/or “liking” my Facebook author page. I hope that you’ve found at least a few benefits along the way and that you’ll stick around.

    Since we’re talking about persistence–and since the work of book promotion is never done and a practicing writer never stops adding to her skill set–may I humbly present this book trailer? (Yes, it took me a year to get a book trailer produced!)

    Hat tip to Val Nieman for the introduction to Animoto. Note to other authors, especially those who are working with low-budget small presses or self-publishing: You can create your own 30-second trailer free of charge using the Animoto program. Believe me, if I managed to put together a book trailer this way, so can you!

    5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Work-in-Progress: Anniversary Announcements

    1. Happy Anniversary, E! So proud of you and your beautiful book.

    2. Erika,
      Thanks so much. I’m thrilled! I’ll send you an email right away.

      Happy Anniversary, Quiet Americans!

    3. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you so much, DK, and thanks and congrats to you, Christi!

    4. Kari Nguyen says:

      Thanks so much, Erika, and congratulations to you! Can’t wait to read your book.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Thank you, Kari!

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