Thursday’s Work-in-Progress

Remember a few weeks ago when I outlined some of the assignments and projects that were on my to-do list? Remember how several of them had May 1 deadlines?

Well, this week, I’m happy to report that every deadline was met.

This week has also brought the publication of my latest micro-essay, “Comprehension,” which found a lovely home with Hippocampus Magazine. (If you haven’t already checked out the anniversary celebration on the Hippocampus site–replete with daily giveaways–go take a look.)

And over on Fiction Writers Review (FWR), Short Story Month is in full swing. I’m proud to have led this month’s “Stories We Love” posts with some thoughts about Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.”

Finally–and in case you missed it–this week I’ve also announced which title(s) I’ll be giving away as part of my participation in the FWR Collection Giveaway Project. I’m happy to see so much early interest.

P.S. This week also brought my birthday. Check out the delightful illustration my niece included with the card she gave me.