Jewish Literary Links

  • I had the opportunity a while back to take an early peek at Jennifer Anne Moses’s The Man Who Loved His Wife and Other Stories. (In fact, this collection sourced my very first “Sunday Sentence” for 2021!) It’s a wonderful book, and so I was very glad to find this interview with Moses on the Lilith blog this week.
  • Two film-related books on my radar: Helene Meyers’s Movie-Made Jews: An American Tradition (discount code included here) and Casting a Giant Shadow: The Transnational Shaping of Israeli Cinema, edited by Rachel S. Harris and Dan Chyutin.
  • A hearty mazal tov to Aviya Kushner, whose first full-length poetry collection, Wolf Lamb Bomb, was published this week. Check out this beautiful review on the Jewish Book Council’s website, and consider attending one of the poet’s upcoming events (there’s one this evening!).
  • Speaking of events: I’ve signed up for this (free!) American Jewish University-hosted conversation featuring author Joshua Cohen talking about his latest novel, The Netanyahus. (As of this writing, it appears as though by the time that event takes place, Israel’s prime minister will no longer be named “Netanyahu.”)
  • And if you happen to be (or communicate with) a Harvard University alum, student, or faculty member, I hope that you’ll take note of this important letter, which I’ve already signed. (Some context from me, on Twitter.)

Shabbat shalom.

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