Words of the Week

“There’s a whole world of tragedies, ironies, hypocrisies so foul and blatant they really don’t need spelling out, and, potentially, lessons in this story — about what genuine coexistence between Israel and the Palestinians could achieve, about failed leadership, about what ultimately matters most to us all.”

Source: David Horovitz, “Treating Saeb Erekat” (Times of Israel)

Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick updates from my desk.

1. Speaking of my desk: At long last, I’m beginning to plan a “refresh” for my home office. And I’m contemplating all kinds of desk possibilities. I’m interested in surface space and storage, but I’m also interested in learning more about adjustable/standing options. I’d love insights/recommendations from other practicing writers. Please share (with links, when possible) in comments. (And if you have the perfect, ergonomic, assembled or easy-to-assemble desk chair to recommend as well, feel free to add that!)


Markets and Jobs for Writers

Background of a keyboard, mug of coffee, and wallet on a tabletop; text label indicating "Markets and Jobs for Writers: No fees to submit work/apply. Paying gigs only."

Each week in this space, Practicing Writing shares no-fee, paying markets for writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction: competitions, contests, and calls for submissions. The posts complement monthly issues of The Practicing Writer newsletter, where you’ll always find more listings, none of them limiting eligibility to residents of a single municipality, state, or province. (But this blog does share those more localized opportunities, including jobs.)