The Greatness of Goldblog

I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve sung the praises of Jeffrey Goldberg here. My bad. Mr. Goldberg’s posts in the wake of the publication of Peter Beinart’s much-talked about New York Review of Books essay, however, are especially worth reading. Here’s the latest one, as of this writing, but I strongly encourage you to read back through the blog. (I’ll help you out: look here, here, here, and here.)

I do heart Jeffrey Goldberg. He so often expresses, so eloquently, what I am struggling to put together in words. Thank you, the guru behind Goldblog, for the important work that you do.

Hebrew Lessons Online


“Hebrew Lessons Online is a recently launched website with resources for learning Hebrew. The Web site is at The site has an on-line Hebrew Level test to determine your level and get personalized self-study recommendations.

The site has links to on-line dictionaries and recommendations, a newsletter focused on Jewish holidays, and coming soon an online HebrewPedia — a visual dictionary.

This new website is a great resource for anyone interested in learning or teaching Hebrew. Please forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested.

Haven’t tried it yet myself, but it looks interesting.

An Evening at "Collected Stories"

Last week I had the good fortune of making a visit to Broadway, where I saw a revival of “Collected Stories,” a play by Donald Margulies.

As The Jewish Week noted a couple of days after I saw the show:

“In the play, an older Jewish writer named Ruth Stein, expertly played by Lavin, becomes a mentor and maternal figure for a non-Jewish student of hers named Lisa Peterson. The mood of the play is set from the beginning, with Santo Loquasto’s impressive set of book-lined walls, window seats, rugs and lamps. Upon her first visit, Lisa is impressed by the ‘real furniture and real books’ in Ruth’s elegant Greenwich Village apartment, which Lisa contrasts to her own ‘makeshift’ apartment, which she laments is ‘sad, completely lacking in dignity.'”

I tried to snap a photo of the set before the show began. The photo doesn’t do justice to the set, which is indeed impressive.If you have the ability to catch the show before its June 13th closing, I highly recommend it!

Notes from Around the Web (and Twitter)

Disturbing, but unsurprisingly good short story by Nathan Englander in the current New Yorker. (Englander’s Q&A with Cressida Leyshon piqued my interest, too.)
Elena Kagan, Jewish feminist.
Daniel Levenson reviews A Safe Haven, Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel, by Allis and Ronald Radosh
via @JewishPub RT @KarBenPub Mazel Tov to Association of @JewishLibraries President-Elect Heidi Estrin! #Jewish#books
via @bookoflifepod A brand new blog for folks who write Jewish kidlit! Cool!
via @JewishIdeas A new book narrates the Jewish history of North Carolina
Finally, please help me choose the author photo for my forthcoming short story collection, Quiet Americans!

Shabbat Shalom! Seeks an Assistant Editor


“, the leading transdenominational Jewish website, is seeking an assistant editor to work for an exciting new site for parents.

The site will deal with serious issues like infertility, rituals like circumcision, and fun things like books, music, and food. The target audience is Jews and parents of Jewish children ages 0-5, so pre-pregnancy through preschool.

The editor’s tasks will include conceiving stories ideas; creating, gathering, and editing innovative content; developing newsletters; researching New York-based parenting resources, loading articles to the site; and working with freelance writers.

The ideal candidate should be eager, able to work independently, and have a considerable knowledge of Jewish culture and traditions. Candidates also should have experience writing and editing for web publications, with significant familiarity with a CMS, Photoshop, and WordPress. This is a New York-based position, for 15 hours a week.”