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I maintain two blogs: Practicing Writing and My Machberet. Posts for both blogs show up on this page, but you can visit each blog by clicking on the appropriate link. It's also possible to subscribe to each feed.

Practicing Writing: Here you'll find updates on writing and publishing opportunities (especially handy between issues of our popular monthly newsletter). You'll discover ONLY opportunities that charge no fees, and ONLY publications/contests that will pay for your writing. The blog also shares writing-related news, resources, and quotations; book reviews; and occasional updates regarding this practicing writer's own work.

My Machberet: "Machberet" is the Hebrew word for notebook. Since it's also (appropriately) one of the very first words I learned in my first Hebrew school in Brooklyn (and, I confess, one of the few conversational Hebrew words I still remember), I've chosen it to title this blog, where I offer write-ups on Jewish news (especially of the literary sort) and occasional commentary.

Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

It’s been a great week.

Presenting My First Poetry Collection

Yes, it’s unpublished. Yes, it may be incomplete (I was limited to 50 pages, maximum, for my upcoming summer workshop where it will be critiqued).


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Monday Markets and Jobs for Writers

Monday brings the weekly batch of no-fee, paying listings of competitions, contests, and calls for submissions—plus jobs for those of us who write (especially those of us who write fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction).
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Words of the Week

“On the other hand, Israel is meant to be the state for all of the Jewish people. It is meant to be a place where all Jews can feel at home, can pray freely and practice their religion the way they want, with respect and dignity. It was one thing when the cabinet passed the Kotel deal in 2016 but then got stuck with its implementation. At least it seemed on the surface to be trying to move things forward. Now, the message to millions of Jews around the world is that Israel simply doesn’t care about them.

Reform and Conservative Jews throughout the US already feel like second-class citizens when it comes to ritual in Israel like conversion and marriage. By annulling the decision to create a prayer space that all Jews can call home, the government is leading this relationship toward an even greater divide.

For years, Netanyahu has told the Israeli public that there is no one better than him who understands America and American Jewry. Today we finally understood what that means – he doesn’t really care about them.”

Yaakov Katz, “Shameful Day for Israel as It Freezes Plan for Pluralistic Prayer Site at the Kotel” (Jerusalem Post)

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Looking Ahead to Fall 2017 #JewLit

Last Tuesday I spent a delightful day at the Association of Jewish Libraries conference (held this year right here in New York). And I was lucky enough to sit in on the latest iteration of a session titled “Recommended Reads: The Latest & Greatest in Jewish Fiction for Adults.” It was helmed, as in the past, by librarian Rachel Kamin, who was joined this year by Rosalind Reisner and Judy Weidman.

From left: Judy Weidman, Rosalind Reisner, Rachel Kamin

At one point, the session previewed some forthcoming novels “by favorite authors.” Among those that were mentioned: Continue reading ›

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Sunday Sentence

In which I participate in David Abrams’s “Sunday Sentence” project, sharing the best sentence I’ve read during the past week, “out of context and without commentary.”

You could also sip a glass filled with your own tears.

Source: Joyce Wadler, “Just One Corn Dog for Me. I’m Dieting” (The New York Times)



Friday Finds for Writers

Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend. Continue reading ›

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