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I maintain two blogs: Practicing Writing and My Machberet. Posts for both blogs show up on this page, but you can visit each blog by clicking on the appropriate link. It's also possible to subscribe to each feed.

Practicing Writing: Here you'll find updates on writing and publishing opportunities (especially handy between issues of our popular monthly newsletter). You'll discover ONLY opportunities that charge no fees, and ONLY publications/contests that will pay for your writing. The blog also shares writing-related news, resources, and quotations; book reviews; and occasional updates regarding this practicing writer's own work.

My Machberet: "Machberet" is the Hebrew word for notebook. Since it's also (appropriately) one of the very first words I learned in my first Hebrew school in Brooklyn (and, I confess, one of the few conversational Hebrew words I still remember), I've chosen it to title this blog, where I offer write-ups on Jewish news (especially of the literary sort) and occasional commentary.

Words of the Week

As we approach Yom HaShoah, so many of the words shared during this recent New York City event seem worth sharing.

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Monday Markets and Jobs for Writers

dollar-sign-mdMonday brings the weekly batch of no-fee competitions/contests, paying submission calls, and jobs for those of us who write (especially those of us who write fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction). Continue reading ›

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Sunday Sentence

In which I participate in David Abrams’s “Sunday Sentence” project, sharing the best sentence I’ve read during the past week, “out of context and without commentary.”



Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure Chest
Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend. Continue reading ›

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Pre-Shabbat Jewish Literary Links

Photo Credit: Reut Miryam Cohen

Photo Credit: Reut Miryam Cohen

Every Friday My Machberet presents an array of Jewish-interest links, primarily of the literary variety. This week, many folks are already offline for the conclusion of Passover; I’m forging on nonetheless.

  • Deadline approaching (6pm, Pacific time, this evening) for Poetry Super Highway’s 18th annual Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) issue.
  • If you have the good luck to be in the environs of the Yiddish Book Center on Sunday, you can enjoy their Community Open House, which will feature “Is There Such a Thing as Jewish Literature?”—an address by Adam Kirsch.
  • “In ‘Pumpkinflowers: A Soldier’s Story’ Mr. [Matti] Friedman has written a top-notch account of [the First Lebanon War], persuasively arguing that it heralded a new style of combat in the Middle East, though no one knew it at the time.” A terrific review for a book I’m hoping to read very, very soon.”
  • LETTERS TO SALA, Arlene Hutton’s stirring drama about a New York family coming to grips with the sudden disclosure of its matriarch’s hidden Holocaust past will have two concert performances on May 15 at 12 P.M. and 3:30 P.M. at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.” I’ve seen the play, and I recommend it, highly.
  • And ICYMI, lots of #JewLit content in my latest “midweek notes” post on my other blog.
  • Shabbat shalom.

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    Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

    the-blue-card-logoBlue Card on My Mind

    An article in Saturday’s New York Times titled “Holocaust Survivors’ Needs Become Acute With Age” (that’s the title in my print newspaper; online, the headline reads, “As Holocaust Becomes More Distant, Survivors’ Needs Intensify”) seemed acutely well-timed to me, for a couple of reasons.

    First, we’re approaching Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, which (according to the Hebrew calendar), will be observed next week. And second, I’ve recently sent in my Q1 donation, based on sales of Quiet Americans, to The Blue Card. I’ve spoken before about why I remain committed to sharing portions of sale proceeds with The Blue Card, but this is an appropriate time of year to give the organization another shoutout for the essential work that it does.

    Also in My Thoughts Continue reading ›

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