Jewish Literary Links

Toward the end of each week, the My Machberet blog presents a collection of links, drawn primarily from the world of Jewish books and writing.

First, I want to spotlight this:

Recording of Sunday’s Literary Modiin Israel Solidarity Event (which I referenced in this space last week). I “attended,” and it was very, very special.

Hillel’s Hints for How to Help

Hebrew and then excerpt from Pirkei Avot: "He [Rabbi Hillel] used to say: If I am not for me, who will be for me? And when I am for myself alone, what am I? And if not now, then when?"

Like many Jews, I encountered this famous aphorism, attributed to the ancient sage Rabbi Hillel and compiled in the teachings known as Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Fathers), fairly early in my Jewish education. I’ve thought of it again, often, in these first two weeks since Hamas launched its inconceivably brutal attack on southern Israel. And I’ve recalled it for multiple reasons. But what I want to focus on here is how it has guided my most recent charitable giving.