Words of the Week: Natalie L. Kahn et al.

On April 29, the Editorial Board of the Harvard Crimson published an editorial endorsing the B*D*S movement (I try not to spell out the term too often—a small effort to minimize some of the backlash such mentions can provoke, ranging from the merely negative to the obscene and threatening).

The subject is so toxic, and the anti-Israelism so virulent, that it takes true bravery to respond. But this editorial was so wrong-headed, in so many ways, that it demanded responses.

Here are some of the best I’ve encountered:


Words of the Week: Giveaway Edition

Update, May 19: Thanks to all who entered this giveaway! The Random Number Generator has awarded the giveaway subscription to Michele J. Clark. (Michele, I’ll be in touch shortly to confirm your address.)

Normally, “Words of the Week” posts here on My Machberet share snippets from online discoveries that I’ve found to be particularly powerful. Often, these Jewishly-focused items are also Israel-focused.