Words of the Week

None of us had ever met this Rabbi before, and he ended up getting around 30 percent of his speech correct. I was standing with my grandmother’s body on my left and my mother to my right as this backup Rabbi started the eulogy: ‘We’re here to celebrate the life of … it’s here somewhere … one second … Miriam Bat Leah.’

Someone corrected him. ‘It’s Leah Bat Miriam.’


Words of the Week: Haim Watzman

“The next Shabbat, when we go out for a walk, I depart from the path and tell Ilana about the lone anemone. She says that she also saw it on that same day, and follows me. It takes a few minutes for us to find the splash of red in the midst of the already dulled green of the grass. We stand and stare at it for a long moment, this bright smile alone in a moor of memory. We move on, and the anemone comes with us, untouchable, ephemeral yet unchanging, in the depths of our hearts.”

Source: Haim Watzman, “The Anemone’s Smile”