A Visit to the Mémorial de la Shoah

In my last post, I mentioned that I was leaving for vacation. What I didn’t say there was that I was on my way to France, where I participated in the Paris Writers Workshop and tried to begin transforming a failed short story into a novel.

Beyond that, I was able to stroll around my beloved Paris. Many years ago, I made my first visit to the Mémorial de la Shoah located there, and I returned to its museum last week.

This time, I went to the museum especially to see a current exhibition titled “ALYAH-BETH: L’Emigration clandestine des juifs depuis la France vers la Palestine.” As you might discern even without knowing French, this exhibition focuses on Jewish emigration from France to Palestine, particularly in the years between the end of World War II and the establishment of the State of Israel.

If you can read French, and plan on being in Paris before the exhibition closes on September 28, I highly recommend a visit. If you’re limited to a virtual tour, you can get a sense of what the exhibition offers here (but you’ll still need to read French).

It’s also worth mentioning that on the English version of the museum’s Web site, Anglophones will find the following note: “For the benefit of a growing number of English-speaking visitors, the Shoah Memorial is organizing on the second Sunday of every month, a guided tour in English, free of charge. Start of the tour at 3.00 pm in the lobby. Prior reservation is not required.”

Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

Today’s attack in Jerusalem was nothing less than an act of terrorism. (Not that CNN.com or NPR.org were ready to concede that as I checked their sites throughout the day. Infuriating. But unfortunately, given the anti-Israel bias in so-called progressive media, not all that surprising.)

I’m not bothering to rely on CNN or NPR for news on this. I’m going instead to Ha’aretz, JTA, and Ynetnews. You should, too.

Coordinator of Jewish Studies Sought

Welcome to a new My Machberet feature: job listings!

Today I learned that Queens College of The City University of New York is looking for a Coordinator of Jewish Studies for its Center for Jewish Studies. Salary range is indicated as $52,144-$67,092. This appears to be a writing-intensive job requiring a bachelor’s degree and four years of relevant experience; a master’s degree is preferred. A significant portion of the job seems connected with the Center’s Culture and Arts Program. You can read the full announcement here.

(What shall I call this [hopefully] recurring feature? For now, I think I’ll go with “J-Jobs,” as in “Jewish Jobs.” Any other suggestions?)